Dia de Ouro da Cordão – CDO 50th Anniversary

This year, 2017, is a special year for Cordão de Ouro group.  It is the 50th year of our global family of CDO, and Mestre Suassuna is throwing down one of the largest CDO Capoeira events in São Paulo.

“Dia de Ouro da Cordão” will be held on August 9 – 13 in Clube ADC Eletropaulo, São Paulo / SP, Brazil.  They will have ceremonies, graduations, classes, workshops, rodas, presentations, shows, CDs, DVDs.  There will also be a book by Mestre Boca Rica that tells Mestre Suassuna’s story and a good part of the group’s history.

This will be a very important week for the group. If you have a chance, take this opportunity to witness another chapter in the history of Capoeira and the Cordão de Ouro Group.

For more information, check out their facebook page and their event page.

Just to share the list of mestres already confirmed:

Mestre Flavinho – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Sarara – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Lobão – Besouro Mangangá São José dos Campos
Mestre Sampaio – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Nathanael
Mestre Jogo de Dentro – Semente do Jogo de Angola
Mestre Cavalca – CDO Guaratigueta
Mestre Falcon – Associação Nacional de Capoeira
Mestre Urubu Malandro – Capoeira Ijexa USA
Mestre Xavier – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Lúcifer – CDO
Mestre Cueca – CDO Moscou
Mestre Zuza – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Ponciano – CDO Guaratigueta
Mestre Risadinha – CDO Itabuna
Mestre Rubao – CDO Osasco
Mestre Sarue – Ribeirão Preto
Mestre Geraldinho – CDO Santa Maria Perus
Mestre Quebrinha – Ginga Brasil CDO Taubate
Mestre Macaco – Coquinho Baiano Campinas
Mestre Tinta Forte – CDO São José dos Campos
Mestre Cícero – CDO Campinas
Mestre Irani – CDO Natal
Mestre Ataulfo – CDO Natal
Mestre Tamanduá – CDO Rio de Janeiro
Mestre Virgulino – CDO Cangaço
Mestre Edan – CDO Israel
Mestre Xandao – CDO Acre
Mestre Tião – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Morena – CDO Guaratigueta
Mestre Coruja – CDO Mangalot
Mestre Fuinha – CDO Belo Horizonte
Mestre Boca Rica – CDO Barcelona
Mestre Esquilo – CDO Sete Lagoas
Mestre Chicote – CDO Paris
Mestre Escravo – CDO Piauí
Mestre Lu Pimenta – CDO Campinas
Mestre Paulinha Zumba – CDO Fortaleza
Mestre Vitor – CDO Natal
Mestre Giló – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Marquinhos – CDO Boituva
Mestre Lucas – CDO Sorocaba
Mestre Kino – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Kibe – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Joguinho – CDO Campinas
Mestre Habibs – CDO Florianópolis
Mestre Arrepiado – CDO Acre
Mestre Ivan – CDO Osasco
Mestre Gaiola – CDO Russia
Mestre Espirrinho – CDO África do Sul
Mestre Primo – CDO Itália
Mestre Pium – CDO Finlândia
Mestre Folgadinha – CDO Belo Horizonte
Mestre Andrezinho – CDO Santa Maria Perus
Mestre Tico – CDO Russia
Mestre Kuata – CDO Osasco
Mestre Cobra – CDO Acre
Mestre Paulinho – CDO Pilar do Sul
Mestre Dani – CDO São José dos Campos
Mestre Rodrigo – CDO Itapira
Mestre Papa-Leguas – CDO Patos de Minas
Mestre Santo – CDO São Paulo
Mestre Nei – CDO Patrocinio
Mestre Padeiro – CDO Caieras
Mestre Vitinho – CDO Viçosa
Mestre Chico Coco – CDO Guaratigueta
Mestre Carijo – CDO São Miguel Arcanjo
Mestre Barriga – CDO Santa Cruz Cabralia
Mestre Curiango – CDO Cangaço Balneário Camboriú
Mestre Pinoquio – CDO Cangaço Botucatu
Mestre Pipoca – CDO Cangaço Natal
Mestre Chiquinho – CDO Cangaço Natal
Mestre Nildo – CDO Cangaço Natal
Mestre Boneco – CDO Cangaço Natal
Mestre Matraca – CDO Acre
Mestre Carlinhos – CDO Belo Horizonte
Mestre Kennedy – CDO Goiás
Mestre Dada – CDO Piauí
Mestre Calango – União Capoeira Guaratigueta
Mestre Pula Pula – CDO Goiás
Mestre Cláudio Dandara – Dandara CDO Campinas
Mestre Zenaldo – CDO Campinas
Mestre Téo – CDO Campinas
Mestre Braulio – CDO Malásia

What is Miudinho?


“Miudinho is not angola,
Miudinho is not regional,
Miudinho is a sly game,
It’s a game of inside,
It’s a nice game… ”
– Pinauna

“Miudinho não é angola,
Miudinho não é regional,
Miudinho é um jogo manhoso,
É um jogo de dentro,
É um jogo legal…”
– Pinauna

In the 1970s and 1980s, capoeira went through a period of great expansion and popularization throughout the country, achieving a great status in Brazil and abroad. A number of previously unexplored benefits have emerged, such as the introduction of capoeira into the curriculum of educational institutions, the development of training methodologies, the increasing social recognition of capoeira.

This helped to expand the labor markets for capoeiristas to gain jobs with great social values; such as adaptation for students with special needs, reintegration of marginalized children and young people, and capoeira for seniors.

But it didn’t come without damages – some young “masters” altered the training to be more aggressive, which lead to more violence.

During this period, Mestre Suassuna, worried about the direction that capoeira was taking, began to reminisce about the capoeira he played at the end of the 1950s. He then created a training system with the sequences of movements to be learned, experienced and taught.  He set its style to be rich in movements, developed a rhythm and added some elements; after a process that lasted more than fifteen years, it became what is known as Jogo do Miudinho, “Game of the Small.”

The name, “Miudinho” was born in a game of training, where the teacher told his students that they should play closer, and shouted: É pra jogar miudinho!!! (It is to play small !!!)

In the 90’s, he spent and worked on these sequences for his younger disciples who, with a rich and vigorous capoeira, became known as the “Geração Miudinho” (Miudaho Generation).

Miudinho Generation
Miudinho Generation’s Graduation at Capoeirando 2004

With supporters all over the world, Mestre Suassuna and his pupils gained students who constantly attend his academy in the Santa Cecilia neighborhood of São Paulo to learn his secrets and mandingas from the capoeira game.

Today, the game of miudinho keeps evolving, and the new generation of students has been very innovative and creative to come up with new sequences.  At the Capoeirando, Mestre Suassuna hosts a miundiho competition where they compete to showcase the best miudinho game.  It is a game that drives creativity and innovation, and it is a foundation of modern Cordão de Ouro style.



Featured Image: CM Ferpa
Original Text
By Mestre Boca Rica