Mestre Duas Dúzias

Originally from Minas Gerais, Mestre Duas Dúzias first started Capoeira on November in 1996 at Raízes Cordão de Ouro under the instruction of Instrutor Mingau, a student of Mestre Zé Paulo. When Raízes Cordão de Ouro split, he started leading Cordão de Ouro group in Viçosa under Mestre Fuinha’s supervision in 2000 with other instructors.

In order to pursue his higher education, he moved to Honolulu in 2008 and began teaching Capoeira at Cordão de Ouro Hawaii and sharing the culture of Brazil with the people of Hawaii.

He received the title of “Professor” in 2010 by Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Urubu Malandro and Mestre Chicote at Berkley, California.

In December 2011, he received his “Contra-mestre” title in Viçosa, Brazil from Mestre Fuinha.

In January 2018, he received his “Mestre” title at the Capoeirando in Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil from Mestre Canguru.

In 2022, Mestre Duas Dúzias officially opened his group, Capoeira da Mata which came from the name of his social project in the favela (slum) of Coelhas in Viçosa neighborhood.  He has worked with the members of the favela for years as a volunteer to improve the lives of their community.  He continues his study in Physical Education at the Federal University of Viçosa to further research and improve the benefits of Capoeira in the educational institutions.


Instagram: @capoeiradamata / @duasduzias

Formatura (Graduation Ceremony) 2010 – Professor Duas Dúzias

Formatura do Mestres (Master Graduation Ceremony) 2018 – Mestre Duas Dúzias