New YouTube Channel

We are launching a new YouTube channel!

Because starting fresh is a good thing

So much has changed with Google and YouTube in the last few years, and honestly, I haven’t really kept up with our YouTube channel.  Tried to log in to our YouTube Channel, but sure enough, I can’t.  I tried so many different ways, but it ain’t working.

Well, this is the sign, right?  Our brand-new website deserves a new YouTube channel. Over the last few years, I have accumulated so much footage that should be shared with the capoeira community.  I will slowly upload them so be sure to SUBSCRIBE our new channel.


Here’s the first video I have uploaded.  An awesome miudinho sequence performed by CM Piolho (CDO Chester) and our very own CM Duas Duzias in 2014 at CDO Bay Area event.



If you still wanna access our old YouTube channel, click here!

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